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Keith B. Destree, CSP, CET

On-site Consultant Keith Destree inside a 70,000 Bbl Petroleum Storage Tank (Image © 2008, Destree Consulting, Inc.)

Board Certified Safety Professional - CSP

  • Board Certified Environmental Safey and Health Trainer - CET
  • Certified (Texas A & M Univ.) Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Safety and Emergency Response Instructor
  • President Destree Consulting, Inc. - Joliet, Illinois (1996-present)
  • General Manager of Health and Safety - Ultra-High Hazard Hazardous Waste Remediator 1991-1996
  • General Manager of Emergency Response Operations - Ultra-High Hazard Hazardous Waste Remediator 1991-1996
  • Member - American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Member - National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA)
  • Developer of medical monitoring protocols and standard operating procedures for hazardous materials emergency response.
  • Competent Person - Excavations Safety
  • Competent Person - Permit Required Confined Spaces
  • Competent Person - Atmospheric Hazards, Calibration, Operations and Maintenance
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Incident Commander
  • Consultant and designer of hazardous materials emergency response chemical/flame resistive protective clothing and equipment.
  • Certified Powered Industrial Lift Truck (fork lift) driver testing and certification trainer.
  • Mr. Destree has the experience of being a professional Fire Officer with 18 years emergency response experience (retired 1991).
  • He has served as Hazardous Materials Officer and Commander of Hazardous Materials Response Teams (Fire Service and Industrial) in Chicago metro area.
  • Illinois State Certified Instructor and Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist.
  • Mr. Destree has extensive training experience in the emergency response arena with specialization in Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Services, Petroleum Operations and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response.

Real World Experience in Hazardous Materials Emergency Response (18 yrs)and Industrial Hazardous Materials Emergency Response (13 yrs) gives Keith Destree (Left in photo) a Unique 30+ year Experience Base to Guide Your Facility's Haz Mat Emergency Needs. Image Copyright Destree Consulting, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

  • Mr. Destree responded to thousands of emergency responses with experience as an Incident Commander, Hazardous Materials Response Team Commander, Fire Suppression Officer, and Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic.
  • Specialist in technical area of bulk storage of flammable liquids; and foam firefighting and fixed & semi-fixed foam systems.
  • Specialist in technical area of storage tank firefighting and spill response.
  • Specialist in area of tank truck rollover, rail car and transportation vehicle emergency response.
  • Specialist in area of storage tank, loading rack and terminal automatic and semi-fixed foam fire suppression systems.